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Every so often, a magical combination of celebrity and odd circumstance birth a Special Edition of our PrivacyWatch feature. A reader gives us David Carradine, a fast food joint, and a wandering canine:

After seeing a big dog wandering aimlessly around the Tommy's parking lot on Bronson in Hollywood at 10AM this morning, I pull in to see if the poor thing is lost. Walking into the empty "restaurant", I am pointed to an older turquoise-encrusted man waiting at the counter. He's on his cell phone, but screw it I'm late, so I yell "HEY, IS THAT YOUR DOG OUTSIDE?". He ignores me. Three times. So I go up to him and yell again "IS THAT YOUR DOG OUTSIDE?" and he finally turns around. It's DAVID FREAKING CARRADINE. He nods his head one fraction of a millimeter, which I take to mean "Yes" or "Darlin', if you make me hang up this phone I will kung fu your ass all over this fine establishment". Walking back to my car, I now spot the black Ferrari in the parking lot which I can only assume belongs to "Kill" Bill and not someone who works at Tommy's.

Quick, somebody stuff this in NBC's Idea Box: We think that Kevin Reilly will give the story of Carradine and his trusty canine companion roaming the earth in a black Ferrari in search of the perfect chili burger an instant pick-up for midseason. Something's got to take Martha Stewart's place when her Apprentice goes down.