A 13-year-old somehow survived a horrible Puerto Rico massacre that allegedly began over an eviction notice, managing to notify authorities after the attackers left him for dead.

Police say at least two armed men attacked 67-year-old Miguel Ortiz Diaz, his wife, his mother-in-law in their gated home in Guaynabo, an upscale neighborhood. They allegedly kidnapped Diaz's two teenage sons, later fatally shooting the older boy.

The younger son, 13, was able to escape when the attackers ran out of bullets after he somehow survived being stabbed and thrown off a bridge, the AP reports. They left him for dead, police say, and he was able to take shelter at a neighbor's home. He's now in police custody receiving medical care.

Cops believe Diaz may have been targeted by people who rented a home from him and were facing eviction. Two people have reportedly turned themselves in so far and officers say they have "concrete evidence" of their involvement.

[image via AP]