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• Clearly the most important news of our generation, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are (probably) over. Where were you when you found out? Still grieving over the loss of Paris and Paris, no doubt.
• Fear not! We have lost The Newlyweds, but we have gained STAB BABY
• It was kind of a siren-heavy week. Until our lives were on the line.
• Oh, Kate, Kate, Kate.
• Hey hipster! Time just called you a fag!
• We'd just trashed Lauren Weisberger when, without missing a beat, we did it again.
• Gawker fouding editor Elizabeth Spiers still haunts these servers — if you say her name three times before a mirror, a comment-section shitstorm erupts.
This handy predictive Thursday Styles post will be re-run weekly from here on out.
• What Gawker week would be complete without Radar and Lohan crashing and burning?
Blogs is big business now. Congrats to Mr. Calacanis, we'll try to spell your name correctly starting... now!
• Oh, Judy, Judy, Judy.
• Oh yes, and some actor fellow got some young starlet in a family way.