Just a reminder: Clap Your Hands Say Everyone Worth Knowing, the sophomore effort by The Devil Writes Chick-Lit author Lauren Weisberger, is available now wherever fine books are sold! On Amazon.com, the novel has racked up an impressive 3.5 star average rating after six reviews.

Of course, four of those reviews give it the full five stars, while the other two — written by ugly lesbians, perhaps? — are a little less thrilled:

They are just flat, vapid characters that you wish she'd push into the Hudson River weighted down with cement boots.
I weep for literature today. If you are just DYING to know what shallow B-list celebs do in their off-time, if this is of extreme importance to you, and if teenage textmessage-level writing doesn't deter you, then this is the book for you!

So that's two single-starred reviews — just a vocal minority, right? It is interesting, though, to note that those negative nellies have review histories indicating that they have enjoyed other books. Those positive thinkers? Not so much, it seems.

The fact that "Carter," "Gaby 'Gaby,'" "Jean," and "Bee" have never reviewed any other books doesn't make their opinions less valid, of course — if this was the first book you ever read, we're sure you'd love it too! But it certainly does look like a couple Simon & Schuster interns are really earning their 4 credits.

But hey, Amazon Reviews are for unpopular losers anyway — "connected" New Yorkers would personally tell Lauren how much they loved her book! And now they can, if they answer this trivia question.

The answer, by the way, is "millington."

Tell Lauren we love her.