When Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson said till death do us part, "death" apparently meant "until the other person starts, like, buying too much shit and fucking her costars." Life & Style talks to an insider who spoke to a witness whose best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Jessica on a recent American Airlines flight:

"Nick doesn't want me anymore," Jess wailed to her assistant and best friend, CaCee Cobb, according to an insider who spoke to a witness on the Sept. 28 flight. "He doesn't want to start a family." Jess, says the witness, "sobbed loudly throughout the flight," while CaCee rubbed her shoulders and tried to comfort her

Nick told Jessica that it's obvious their marriage isn't working, and they can no longer sweep things under the rug, says the insider. He's fed up with not being able to trust her, with her constant partying, how much money she spends and who she spends her time with. Jess, 25, told a friend that she begged Nick, 31, to reconsider and even told him she was willing to start a family right away. You're in no condition to start a family, Nick snapped, according to the insider. It's over. (Nick's rep denies this.) According to the insider, Jess was devastated by what Nick said — just three weeks before their third anniversary.

Oh, and don't forget that paste-eating little sister, Ashlee, is going to be warbling on Saturday Night Live this weekend, signifying that SNL has officially shifted all of its comedy from its sketches to its musical guest.

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