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You have been crying for more and more books about "New York nightlife, public relations, youth culture, [and] downtown culture" to shove into your gaping maw, and author Lauren Weisberger is here to do the shoving. Her second novel, You and Me and Everyone Worth Knowing Is Illuminated, was bought by Simon and Shuster for a million damn dollars; unlike us, the Observer read it: s [a story] of Manhattan event-planners and publicists, women with blow-outs and tiny wireless phones who organize parties for corporate clients such as BlackBerry and Playboy, secure them mentions in gossip columns and spend their evenings getting plastered at Bungalow 8. Stock characters abound. Out of the single girl, the bitchy publicist, the aristocrat bad-boy, the hilarious gay guy, the down-to-earth friend and the down-to-earth love interest, Uncle Will, the hilarious gay guy, was cited as the most interesting character by those involved with the book.

It seems unlikely that this sophomore effort will , say, be made into a Meryl Streep movie, but if it achieves even a portion of the success of The Devil Wears Prada, it... well, it won't earn back its advance.

A stock character left out of the above list is, per Weisberger, "That ugly little lesbian troll blogger," as we learn in today's Rush and Molloy, who say:

The "Devil Wears Prada" author gets even in her new book with witty Gawker founder Elizabeth Spiers, who trashed her on the blog. "If anyone finds out exactly what Ms. Weisberger is an 'insider' in, do let us know," she wrote.

Demonstrating a Page Six-like devotion to accuracy, the Daily Transom notes that Ms. Spiers did not actually write that.

We're only making fun, of course, in the hopes that we too get to be thinly veiled characters in Weisberger's next book. If there is a next one.

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