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So you poll a thousand New Yorkers and ask them what topics come up most often at "dinner parties" and these are the results?

1. Politics 32%
2. Work 29
3. Real estate 17
4. School 11
5. Weather 5
6. Not Sure/ Refuse 6

While those unsure of what was talked about (or who refused to take part in all that talking) are indeed near and dear to us, we think the other 940 were lying — surely it's sex and drugs, innit? Of course, that does qualify as "work" for some of us, but calling arguments over whether Natasha Lyonne is still alive or not "politics" seems a bit of a stretch.

Still, remind us not to go to parties with a random sample of 1,011 demographically weighted New Yorkers. We'll stick with the 2% who moved here to "get away from [their] family," thank you very much.

And for the 34% of you intending to move to the suburbs, we wish you a peaceful transition from coke to meth.

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