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On Monday, we passed along a reader report about a fender-bender in Hollywood supposedly involving Diana Ross and an unfortunate Mustang. Some readers have written in to clarify that it was Ross's son (Evan, we're told) involved in the crack-up, not Ross herself. Here's one of the e-mails, from someone claiming to be at the scene of the accident:

Guys! Be fair. Just to let you know, it was not Diana Ross who had the fender bender, it was her son. She arrived later to pick him up and I personally saw her drive away with him in town in a red Dodge Ram truck (yes, the Diva was driving a truck). It was at Sunset and Poinsettia in the Hollywood area.

If it was indeed young Evan and not Ms. Ross, let the record stand corrected. But the plot thickens: Another anonymous e-mailer claims (read: this is unconfirmed, welcome to blogging!) to have seen Ross hit a pole in a "a huge red dodge 4 door pick up" last night. Is bad driving genetic? Are our readers hallucinating a Ross family vehicular rampage? Developing...