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Everything on Gawker, heretofore, has been written by us. It's fun, sure. But it's lonely sometimes, too: all our words, sitting there by themselves, never getting to play with other people's words. It's time, we realized, for our words to get to frolic with yours, and so we're ready to unveil Gawker Comments.

Starting here, starting now, readers will be able to comment on every item posted to Gawker. Have something to add? Gossip of your own? Just pissy? Now's your chance to come stand on our soapbox.

But here's the catch: We're snobs here, as you well know, and we would never let just anyone post. Rather, this works like Gmail. Only those lucky enough to receive a sure-to-be-coveted invitation from us — or those who receive an invitation from those who've received an invitation from us — will be able to post. (It's all explained here.)

Will you be asked to our comments cocktail party? The first round of invitations goes out this afternoon. So keep an eye on your inbox. You might just get to hang out with the cool kids.