1. Who can leave comments on Gawker?

Anyone who's auditioned successfully to become a commenter (see below) or anyone who's received an email invitation from us. The comment system is invitation-only because our editors want to spend more time providing new content and less time moderating comment threads.

2. How can I become a commenter?

To become a commenter, you need to audition, which means leaving at least one comment on the site. To do this, click "Login" at the bottom of any post and then click on the "New user?" link. On the next screen, enter your desired username and password and click "Register". Return to the post and type an interesting, substantial or highly amusing comment into the text field. Then click "Submit". Your comment will be received but won't appear until (and if) we approve it.

We only approve the comments we love - so make sure you're adding something of quality to the post. If we approve your comment, your username and password will be activated and you'll be able to login and comment freely from then on (or at least until you get banned).

Two tips for auditioning to become a commenter: First, leaving multiple high quality comments on different threads using your newly created username increases your chances of having your comments - and therefore your username - approved. Second, if a comment from a newly created username doesn't show up on the site, that's because it's still awaiting approval. There's no need to submit the same comment multiple times or report this as a bug.

3. Why is my comment displaying when I'm not an approved commenter?

We will sometimes approve a comment we like without approving the commenter. This means an individual comment of yours may be published while you are still auditioning. Take this as a good sign! If we like one of your comments, we might just like you enough to approve you as a commenter in the future.

4. Can I comment anonymously?

Yes, you can. Gawker's comment system is designed so that you can register and post anonymously. We won't even know who you are.

Here's how to ensure that you register anonymously. When you create your username, choose one that's unrelated to your real identity. Then, add an anonymous nickname in your user profile. We won't be able to link your username/nickname with your offline self.

We do ask for an email address so that we can email you a new password in case you forget it. To preserve your anonymity, use an anonymous Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail account. Or, if you want to remain totally under the radar, and you're good at remembering passwords, leave the email field blank.

5. Can I be banned from commenting?

Yes, if your comments are excessively self-promotional, obnoxious, or even worse, boring. There will be no warning, and no appeal. (For tips on good comment etiquette, see Lifehacker's guide to weblog comments.)

6. Can I comment without registering?

Yes, you can submit a comment using an email address instead of a registered account. To do this, click on "Comment instantly" at the bottom of a post, enter your email address and your comment and click "Send". Then check your inbox for an email asking you to verify your comment. Your comment will still be subject to editorial team approval before appearing. Please also note that the first half of your email address will be used in your commenter name, so remember to use an address that does not reference your identify if you wish to remain anonymous.