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Not one week after supermodel Kate Moss was busted by the UK's Daily Mirror for indulging in some beefy lines of coke, cheap-chic retail chain H&M has decided to drop supermodel Kate Moss from its upcoming campaign. This comes as a complete 180 from yesterday, when the company publically stated to be "giving [Moss] a second chance." Apparently they needed to sleep on it one more night, because that second chance lasted about 24 hours, according to an H&M spokeswoman:

"After having evaluated the situation, H&M has decided that a campaign with Kate Moss is inconsistent with H&M's clear dissociation of drugs."

Frankly, we're shocked that it took this long for these geniuses to learn the formula for universal model-cocaine continuum. It's like they're not even in the fashion industry.

H&M Drop Cocaine Kate [Daily Mirror]
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