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From Page Six today:

WE HEAR... THAT some magazine editors — you know who you are — were furious they weren't asked to join Jim Kelly (Time), Graydon Carter (Vanity Fair), Kate White (Cosmopolitan) and Dave Zinczenko (Men's Health) on a panel to be moderated by Jon Stewart at the Rose Theater in the Time Warner Center on Sept. 29.

Where to go with this? Off the top of the head:

• We bet it's Anna Wintour. That chick's hi-fucking-larious.

• We bet it's Dan Peres. That dude's always joking. "Straight guys read Details." Ha! You're killing us, man.

• We bet it's Maer Roshan. His whole mag's a joke.

• We bet it's Tina Brown. She's been a punchline for the last few years, anyway.

Got something better? Do share.

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