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• In the wake of her awesome drug-abusing debut, supermodel Kate Moss enjoys a calamitous scene outside the Mercer Hotel, complete with stalkerazzi and the FDNY. [Verbose Coma]
• After 5 months of marriage, actress Renée Zellwegger and country singer Kenny Chesney have their marriage annulled. The perfect Hollywood romance! [People]
• Britney's abortion doctors speak: "How we failed..." [Low Culture]
• Courtesy of the blogosphere's irrepressable Andrew Krucoff, a handy guide to understanding teen-fixated writer David Amsden and Amsden-fixated TMFTML blogger Alex Balk. [YM]
• As Tara Reid's Taradise travel show enters its final hours, the Tara Reid Self-Loathing Index resists the influence of Reid's parental units. [Gridskipper]
• A few days ago, we wondered how rapper Lil' Kim would spend her last days as a free woman before heading off on Monday to serve a year in prison for perjury. As it turns out, our guesses were way off: She's filming a reality tv show. Predictable. [Reality Blurred]