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The other day, six-figure media blogger Jim Romenesko picked up an item from Times magazine writer Lynn Hirschberg, who has an upcoming piece on CBS chairman Les Moonves' obsession with reinventing television news. Usually we leave the Moonves-stalking to our Juicy Couture-loving brother, so we moved on.

Wait — did we say Lynn Hirschberg? That's kind of weird. Certain chatterboxes gave us the impression that Hirschberg is a close, personal friend of Les Moonves. Like, the sort of friend who's just waiting for the right moment to give her beloved Les the other half of her precious BFF necklace. Or so we hear.

Apparently mag editor Gerry Marzorati hasn't heard these same things. Maybe the metal plate in his head is a different make than ours.

Moonves Intends to Fix News the Way He Fixed Prime Time [Romenesko]