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We admit we've been strongly considering voting for the cute gay guy running for Manhattan borough president. This is mostly because it's a largely irrelevant job, so why not vote for the one who's fun to look at?

So we were curious, then, when we got something like 73 emails today pointing us to his exciting new ad. Which we then went to watch online. Which made us realize just how much you can learn about a candidate in a mere 30 seconds.

Like that he apparently thinks he's running against George Bush. Like that — even sadder — he already has a boyfriend. And like that — saddest — he can cynically pull his boyfriend into the frame for about a second and a half, for no reason except, one presumes, so that he can send press releases about having his boyfriend in his ad.

Now that we see he's both cheesy and taken, we're suddenly reminded: Giff's pretty cute.

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