Jeremy is just your average 12-year-old: He loves kicking it with his friends, eating Totino's pizza rolls after school, and watching whatever it is the kids are watching these days on that there picture box.

Oh, yeah: And busting law-breaking cops.

While walking near a Terrible Herbst gas station, young Jeremy spotted a Las Vegas Metro police officer who had illegally parked his motorcycle on the sidewalk.

Approaching the jumbo-beverage-clasping cop with his video camera running, Jeremy politely inquired if there was an emergency in the area that warranted the officer's law-skirting.

The officer declines to provide a response, prompting Jeremy to ask for his badge number.

"What're you, a junior lawyer," the cop says, brushing Jeremy off. "No, I just want to see your badge number," Jeremy coolly replies.

At this point the cop becomes testy, and asks Jeremy for his ID before accusing him of loitering and driving off.

Needless to say, the interaction has spawned a spirited debate, with some commending the kid on taking the cop to task, while others simply see just another 12-year-old brat.