One of the 12-year-old girls accused of stabbing a peer 19 times to please the made-up Internet character Slender Man has been found unfit to stand trial, according to her attorney. Assistant state public defender Joseph Smith Jr. said today that his client "is not presently competent to proceed" with the trial based on a psychologist's evaluation.

The judge in this case, Michael Boren, will decide in a hearing next week if the girl should continue with the trial. The Guardian notes that the other 12-year-old girl accused in the case is already in court-ordered treatment for mental problems. She was found mentally incompetent in July and sent to treatment in August. She reportedly told cops "she stabbed the victim more than a dozen times, heard voices, and believed she could communicate with Slender Man and other fictional characters."

The two girls say they discovered Slender Man on the Creepy Pasta wiki and planned their attack to please him. The victim, another 12-year-old girl, miraculously survived and went back to school this fall.

[Photo via Creepy Pasta]