Eating booty is on the rise. If you are considering joining the Eat-A-Booty gang, these 12 songs make the perfect soundtrack. Bon appétit!

1. "Ima Eat Her Ass" by Lil B

2. "My Neck, My Back" by Khia

3. "I Eat Booty" by Beatking

4. "Slob on My Cat" by La Chat

5. "One and One" by 2 Live Crew

6. "Throw That Boy Pussy" by Fly Young Red

7. "Strokin" by Kevin Gates

8. "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna feat. Chris Brown

9. "Fuck You" by Alkaline

10. "I'll Be Your Player" by Trick Daddy

11. "Pussy Got Ya Hooked" by Three Six Mafia

12. "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj