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We think Nick Lachey is just the cutest, isn't he? Since one always looks for distractions when one's wife is, uh, not around sometimes, Lachey funnels his anger into glorious, furious prose; he has a new "column" in The Cincinnati Enquirer, with his (metaphorical, we presume) panties in a bunch about the firing of Cincinnati Bearcats head basketball coach Bob Huggins. Lachey is a former Cincinnati resident with "a home page set on" (Nick, we're hurt!) and few things get him riled up more than bad sports news back home. And the firing of Huggins — who has DUI arrests and a propensity to forget his student athletes are supposed to go to class sometimes — has him full of rankle, and without gruntle:

In addition, what bearing does the basketball program have on the rest of the university s academics? Does Bob Huggins prevent the physics department from winning the Nobel Prize, or someone in the English Department from winning the Pulitzer? No! He does his job and everyone else at the university should do theirs. ... The bottom line is, this is ludicrious!

Man, this is totally going to hurt his chances to be commencement speaker.

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