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It's not strange to see Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly at Chelsea megaplex Marquee at 3 AM. It is, however, rather strange to see them partying at said hour with Nicky's parents. Seriously: What were Kathy and Rick Hilton doing at Marquee at 3 AM on a recent school night? (Not that they'd be any less out of place on a weekend.) Does this strike anyone else as strange? The Hiltons are hardly parental types, but the thought of Kathy dancing on a banquette at such a late hour still gives us chills. Call us conservative, but we like our parents asleep by 10 PM, passed out on the couch in front of the History Channel, right where they belong.

Perhaps Connolly was equally disturbed by the elder Hiltons' presence, which would explain why he was getting so close to that tall, handsome fellow sitting near him. Funny what you see when you leave the house.