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God forbid you fail to turn on the Today show IMMEDIATELY every single morning, lest you miss a single, priceless second of co-host Ann Curry's pinched performances. A reader writes:

This AM she's on the couch with Matt, because Katie is wherever, and some other woman is reading the news at the top of the hour. The last item that the news reader read at the top of the hour at 7:00 a.m. was about the evacuation-necessitating flooding in some parts of Arizona yesterday due to 4 inches of rain, and the possibility of their being hit by even more rain today. Then over to the couch, where Ann turns to Matt and says, "But in other parts of Europe they need more rain, such as in Spain, where there are a lot of fires right now." Other parts of Europe?? Matt listened to her politely, expressionlessly, responded tactfully, "Mmm," then moved on to the next thing on their morning agenda.

Just another golden egg, shat forth from the mouths of America's first family.