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We're never thought a Gawker Hotties could make us so happy. But this one just had such a great narrative arc:

Radar editor at large Andrew Goldman is a good guy. In the current issue, he gamely made an ass of himself for a feature on the ever-absurd International Male catalogue; he ordered outfits from it, and he actually went out in the city dressed variously in a pastel seersucker suit, in a mandress, as "the Cisco Kid," as a matador, and (at right) as "the Scarlet Pimp." So karma, clearly, should have been on his side in this contest.

Yet senior editor and Maer walker Christopher Tennant pulled into an early and commanding lead. Through the end of last week, and even through most of the weekend, Tennant had around 50 percent of the votes. Poor, deserving Goldman, meantime, languished in the cellar, trading last place with old, bald (but rich) owner Mort Zuckerman.

But sometime late yesterday, the stars finally aligned for Goldman. Don't know when exactly, or how, but we woke up this morning to find he'd overtaken Tennant. Handily. The good guys won, and we couldn't be happier.

Indeed, on that note, we're taking this week off. We don't want to push our luck. (Also, we're a little hottied out.)

Hotties return in a week, so let us know if you've got any bright ideas for the big, week-before-Labor Day finish.

And, Andrew, mazel tov. As always, first drink's on us.

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