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This press release announcing that Endeavor partner (and official Defamer Agent Dance Mascot) Ari "Hey, It's Been Five Minutes Since Someone Mentioned That The 'Entourage' Agent Is Based On Me, So, Hey You, Fuckface, Mention How I Inspired Jeremy Piven Before I Punt Your Ass Back Down To The Mailroom" Emanuel bought a $10 million house in Brentwood is whipping around the industry's inboxes, so we thought we'd share it with you. We think that Emanuel will be secretly pleased that everyone knows he's got ten mil to drop on real estate.

Ari Emanuel, partner of Endeavor Agency and one of Hollywood's top agents whom the HBO show 'Entourage' is based, and his wife Sarah have purchased a Brentwood Park home for nearly $10 million.

The Emanuel's bought the 7,000-square-foot traditional-style home with a 3,000 square-foot guesthouse, pool and sports court from attorney Stuart Liner and his wife, Stephanie.

The rest of the release contains no further references to Emanuel, so we're not going to bother posting it here. Today is Ari's day.