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A living, breathing, pulsating incarnation of its incredibly well-chosen name, Rokbar has both rock music and a bar. But what really sets Hollywood's new rock-n-roll-playing-space-that-serves-alcohol apart from other local watering holes partial to the loud playback of AC/DC is the involvement of celebrities like rock-star investor/cultivator of scary facial hair/visionary Dave Navarro. The LAT gets hell bent for leather:

"This is a place where stars can feel like freaks, and freaks can feel like stars," adds Navarro, who's even taking a hands-on interest in design. "I want to put stripper poles in here for public use so if any girl wants to get up and dance, she can."

Hold on...stripper poles in a bar? Functional stripper poles? (Somewhere, his mind totally blown, nightlife impresario Rande Gerber has ordered that every last one of his properties be razed.) Navarro might need to convince his partners to rechristen the place RokPoleBar, lest this crucial, innovative component go criminally unreflected in the club's name.