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The Larchmont Charter School is holding an eBay charity auction for the opportunity to spend two weeks as an intern embedded within [Ed.note—How do we say this without winding up an orphan with cracked ribs?] famously passionate uber-producer Joel Silver's office. The description:

Item Value: Priceless!

A two week internship in the office of one of Hollywood's biggest producers — Joel Silver.

Joel Silver is the producer of The Matrix movies, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Predator and 48 Hours. Work 2 or 3 days a week for two weeks seeing how development of scripts work, sit in on pitch meetings and work on a lot!

Indeed, the current, lone bid of just $9.99 is a tiny price for someone to pay to lose all of his or her illusions about the glamour of Hollywood and gain their very own "Joel Silver story." Everyone who's anyone has one!

[A note to bidders: The auction page states that the "winning bidder will be subject to a criminal background check at seller's expense." It's hard to tell if they're using that to protect employees of Warner Bros. or screening for candidates for other positions in the organization.]

UPDATE: In the short amount of time since we posted this, bidding has climbed to $3,050. We suppose it's nice that a charity's going to benefit from this dangerous level of masochism.

UPDATE 2: The auction was a mistake.