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There are just two hours left to nominate your favorite Roshanian for this week's Men of Radar Gawker Hotties contest.

You're hot for Chris Tennant; we know that now. You like Chris Knutsen, too; which makes sense 'cause he's a mensch. There's even a not-insignificant angry-and-bitter contingent nominating angry-and-bitter publicist Drew Kerr. (Drew, for his part, is working to corral nominations from all the angry-and-bitter media folks in New York. Which is kind of genius, given the size and mercurial nature of that voting bloc.) But here's what, surprisingly, we don't have: A single nomination for the man himself, Magical Mister Maer Roshan.

What gives? Where's the love? (Come on, he's cute in this picture.) None of his staffers are nominating him? None of hangers-on? Is Matt Mactress currently without Internet access? We're shocked.

If Maer's not nominated, you'll have no one but yourselves to blame. Can you live with that?

Get moving, people. All your Men of Radar nominations need to be in by noon:

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