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You wouldn't buy it if we told you we were thinking about anything other than the brand-spanking-new Radar all week this week. (You think you know us so well — and yet, curiously, you never seem to remember our birthday.) So we're giving in to the obsession. For this week's Gawker Hotties face-off, welcome to the Men of Radar.

Got a thing for that Sephardicly sexy ringleader, Maer Roshan? Is the magazine's magnificently metrosexual token straight guy, Chris Tennant, more your speed? Perhaps you like 'em rich and inscrutable, like I-must-be-crazy-to-do-this owner Mort Zuckerman? Or maybe angry and bitter is your thing, and you go for non-anonymous publicist Drew Kerr? Whatever your taste, be sure to let us know.

We're starting a bit late this week, because, well, we got too busy yesterday. But otherwise the drill remains the same. Send nominations by noon Wednesday, balloting opens Thursday, testimonials come Friday, and we'll announce the winner Monday morning. To keep the nominations interesting, once again, we'll confine ourselves to no more than four finalists.

There's a special, new email address this week (to match the special, new Radar, natch). So get nominatin':