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Need help deciding who deserves your vote in our Most Beautiful New Yorkers competition? It's testimonials time, where perhaps the impassioned plea of nominating email will help you determine which Hottie's for you.

Skeevy-older-guy beat writer David Amsden has held a sizable lead in the men's category since balloting opened, and he also drew perhaps the single greatest nominations-phase comment ever (especially directed, as it is, to a straight guy): "I want to bone David Amsden until he caves in. He gets my nomination."

There was also quite the impassioned plea for Daniel Maurer, currently in third place among the men: "I'm going to send you packages of my sperm if you don't nominate Daniel Maurer for the running."

On that note, we'll simply remind you to vote, and then we'll send you a-jumpin', where you'll find that lots more endorsements (for the women, too — it's just that, once again, the deliciously graphic comments were about men) and a few more bodily fluids await.

"Definitely Daniel Maurer — or 'Mosca,' as he's known in some circles. He's a real Spanish-Jewish beauty, with a little random Southern charm thrown in. Even his sense of humor is attractive."

"Betsy Burton. She fine."

"From a former 'New York' intern: David Amsden, H-O-T-T. Denise Penny, absolutely gorgeous and really nice. Stacia Thiel."

"It's kind of obvious but Adam Moss. He's so sexy that I'm not even miffed that he never even seriously considered me for a job."

"I must nominate New York Mag's finest, Daniel Maurer, for Hottie of the Week. I'm so wet."

"I'll nominate Contributing Editor Sarah Bernard. I worked in the cube next to her during my 4-month internship, researching and fact-checking for her. She's gorgeous, talented and sweet. How many other NY maggers do you catch on both CNN and Best Week Ever?"

"Denise Penny is gorgeous... very chic and always pulled together, and Peruvian too!"

"I met this guy from NY magazine — he's the hottest. His name is Jared Hohlt, and if he doesn't qualify for NY Magazine's most beautiful people, I don't know who would!"

"I nominate little hotty Betsy Burton in the publicity department"

"Stacia Thiel! On top of being hot she is also an amazing singer."

"My vote is for David Amsden. Pretty pretty boy."

"Apparently 'Gidget Goes New York' as well, because this Sally Field doppelganger is also the Deputy Communications Director for my favorite weekly. I nominate Betsy Burton because her gold Jack Rogers never burnish as she hoofs around this imperial city getting press for the mag and making news of her own."

"I nominate Daniel Maurer, a producer for the website, does bar reviews and nightlife stories. Tall, dark, and pervertedly funny. Has made the ladies in our office swoon on more than one occasion."

"I vote for the cute and gracious Jared Hohlt."

"I would like to submit this limerick in nomination of Daniel Maurer for Gawker's New York's Hottest Contest. He's an editor/producer of the magazine's website:
There once was a writer from Nashville
Who moved to New York with but a satchel
Now his bar buzz is genius
And he has a large penis
And still he remains very bashful"

"The best-looking girl I've seen who works at NY Mag is Stacia Thiel. That swagger, that smile, the voice... it's so awesome that it would make baby Jesus cry."

"How about Adam Moss himself? Sort of sexy in that weathered but in-shape older (gay) man sort of way. Bet he has a big d-ck too! Woof woof!"

"Stacia Theil. Oh yeah. No foolin."

"Betsy Burton, the doe-eyed PR girl."

"You don't need to look any further than the top of the masthead. Adam Moss is smoldering in photos, adorable in person, and interesting to media watchers without being 'sold out' in Tampa. (He's also a great editor, and I realize making fun of New York magazine is like a sport in this city, but come on — I dare anyone to say it's not remarkably better than it was before he took over.) And he's 48! Do not overlook the obvious: Moss is the hottie in chief."