Here they are, folks, the finalists for our Most Beautiful New Yorkers competition — our Gawker Hotties poll of the most boinkalicious staffers New York magazine.

Like last week, we've got four men and four women. Vote for one in each category, and remember orientation is irrelevant. (And, yes, we realize it's an awfully lily-white list, yet again. That's partially the fault of the industry — it's still a too-white group of people, after all — but that's not a great excuse. Next week, people, let's remember all our media hotties.) [UPDATE: It's less lily-white than we thought. Denise Penny is, as a colleague points out, "a strutting Peruvian hottie."]

Now get voting on your favorite honky hotties at New York (again: the magazine, not the city)...

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