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In case you missed it at the end of the day yesterday (finding pictures always ends up taking a lot longer than it should), the polls are open in our current Gawker Hotties competition: New York's Hot Gossips.

Be sure to go exercise your democratic rights; we expect this particular race to have some real excitement. While "Rush & Molloy" roving reporter Jo Piazza is leading among the girls, it's by no means an insurmountable lead. On the boys' side, lanky "Lowdown" legman Hud Morgan is dominating — but we're compelled to point out that his column is on vacation this week, giving him plenty of time, we imagine, to call and email friends, family, and colleagues to round up votes. Also, you Campbell Robertson supporters who wrote in so passionately during the nominations phase: Go vote for your boy, for heaven's sake. We can't bear to watch him come in last in a Gawker Hotties faceoff for a second time.

Polls stay open till Monday morning, so, if necessary, take your time to carefully consider your ballots. If you need help on that front, stay tuned for testimonials, coming early this afternoon.

Remember Puffy's insightful binary choice: Vote or die. And you don't want to die.

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