At long last, here's this week's Hotties competition: New York's Hot Gossips.

The split is easy — boys and girls — and there are only four finalists in each category. The big surprise of the nominations phase is that, circulation trends notwithstanding, y'all find the Daily News crew way hotter than you find the usually strutting Posties. In the boys category, especially, the Newsmen dominated, receiving, combined, roughly ten times as many nominations as did the men of "Page Six." Even on the girls' side, the News's Jo Piazza dominated in the nominations phase — though Paula Froelich of "Page Six" did represent respectably for the Post.

Let's see if the News streak holds out in the voting phase, which begins now. Vote once in each category, and don't worry about which team the contestants play for. Remember: It's all about whom you want to have your way with, regardless of whether they'd want to have you.

With that in mind, to the polls!

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