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Remember last week when were too incompetent to find photos of some of our Women of Conde Nast finalists? Well, we suck no less now than we did then, and so, naturally, we're once again coming up short.

The boys, as you might expect, are easy enough to find — with their naturally selected predisposition to spread their seed as far and wide as possible, there are usable pix floating around the web of all those ones we're interested in. But the girls — those sweet, demure girls — well, they're once again problematic.

So here's what we need: Pix of WWD's Emily Holt and Jo Piazza of the Daily News. We'd accept glam shots of anyone else you nominated, too. But those are the two we really need.

And please don't send us the Friendster shots. Yes, we know they're there. No, they won't really work.

As always, it's:

Thanks much. We treasure you people.