Continuing with last month's experiment in highlighting the best and/or most interesting sightings, we're proud to feed your drooling mouths the best of Gawker Stalker for the month of July — because the bizarre should never be forgotten.

In this edition: Martha Stewart, Howard Dean, Liza Minnelli, Joan Rivers, George Clooney, Kate Moss and Johnny Knoxville, Catherine Deneuve, Jessical Biel, Chevy Chase, Anna Wintour, Billy Crystal, Zach Braff and Mandy Moore, Anna Paquin and Kieran Culkin, Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim.

Walking up 1st Ave and 58th street at 6:30 last night (wednesday) with my head down just looking at feet so i would know when to zig or zag to avoid someone - when I saw an ankle with a monitoring bracelet on it. looked up and sure enough it's Martha Stewart. She's taller than I thought she'd be and she was chatting with some women in a car who was saying she was a driver and could take her. Martha was smiling at her, holding a cell phone, and made some comment about her driver being late.

Waiting to board the jam-packed red-eye from the Mormon-Republican nexus of Salt Lake City to JFK Saturday night, I watched Howard Dean quietly try and talk himself into a seat. The drones from Delta weren't having it, despite the Dem Party chairman's pleas that "something was mixed up at the office." He traveled alone, carried a giant bag slung over his frumpy suit. All the baby-eating Republicans on hand watched him hatefully, waiting for him to go diva on Delta's ass, but he disappointed them and said "thank you" kindly when he he couldn't get aboard. Ho Chi Dean has tiny feet, and waddled away quickly, presumably bound for a hotel and a tall scotch.

7/20: Walking on 68th street between Columbus and Central Park West I see a woman standing outside a nice building wearing black tights and a black embroidered sweatshirt (it was over 90 degrees,) smoking a cigarette and shaking...took a double look and its Liza Minnelli.

This made Jury Duty completely worth every boring minute of it. We were sitting watching the introductory video (Mon Jul 11), when who walks in (20+ minutes late) but Joan Rivers! She stood in the front of the room with her assistant so everyone could have a good look at her wicked tight face and hair that wouldn t move in a hurricane. She finally took a seat and started browsing the Times Sunday Style Section with a red pen in her hand. Lucky for her she was called in the first group to be questioned..."Joan Rosenberg." Who knew??

Wednesday June 29, lunch at Mr. K's on 51st/Lex - spotted George Clooney and entourage of 10 or so having lunch. Clooney was resplendent in a white t-shirt, very casual, very unassuming. He looks great, much younger in person. Couldn't quite tell what the occasion was, but one of his lunch companions was agitated about something he lost and spent much of the meal under the table - when he wasn't frantically gesturing to the waiters. I hope George enjoyed his lunch despite the under-the-table goings on.

ll before 10AM at the Mercer Hotel Lobby: 7/25 Johnny Knoxville with sunglasses on trailing close behind a blonde woman with a little girl. The blonde and tot sit on the couches Kate Moss walks out of the elevators minutes later appears little girl is Kate Moss s daughter as she runs over yelling mommy. French actress and designer muse Catherine Deneuve, looking striking in a Louis Vuitton dress. Jessica Biel and two friends walking into the hotel with shopping bags.

I was getting my hair cut at Vidal Sassoon in the Crown Building. They sit me down to get my hair shampooed - and 5 feet across from me was Chevy Chase. He is certainly looking much older, his hair is thinning and more salt than pepper. He was wearing a polo shirt, pants and white sneakers. He was channeling the "Florida Retiree" look. I normally I don't bother actors (/yeah/, /I said "ACTOR", don't be a hater/), but I decided to say hello and casually said, "What's up, *Chevy*?" He turned in the direction of my voice and his eyes were really wide, like he was scared. He had this surprised look on his face and said, "Who's that?" There is no chance he could miss me - I was 5 feet from him! But just before he was going to get his hair shampooed, he took his glasses off, I guess his vision must be really fading and he simply couldn't see me! I replied, "No one, just a fan." He said, "Oh. Ok." paused and quietly mumbled as an afterthought to my "fan" comment, "thanks". I left him alone - I was just being friendly. He was amiable & talkative to the employees at the salon, but he wasn't being loud - just acted like a regular customer and minded his P's and Q's. Most people write to stalker "Boy, are they short!" when they see a celeb - *Chevy* is as tall as I expected.

As I was waiting for my aunt outside customs today (fri jul 8) at Newark airport, I was taken aback to see a woman resembling Anna Wintour pushing her own cart full of luggage! Never would I have thought a woman with Anna's demeanor to be stuck pushing her own luggage cart. As the woman got closer, I saw that it was indeed The Devil, I mean, Anna, wearing skinny light blue jeans, a Chanel tweed jacket with metallic threading and her dark Chanel sunglasses. I could have sworn I saw her in the same outfit last year in Times Square with her demon spawns, I mean, children.

I had just left my office when I ran into Billy Crystal. Actually, I should say it was more he ran into me. He smiled at me from half a block away and started to walk towards me as in recognition; he got within two feet and started to lunge in the half hug of casual friendship. I shirked him off with the glare of "I know who you are and I can assure you that you do not know me". To this he replied with the "Oh, yes, I am sorry I was mistaken" eyebrow lift/open mouth look of surprise/apology. He was wearing an oddly hued blue t-shirt and those half gray/half black looking jeans that aging rock stars favor, also, he looked to have had some "work" around the eye area.

Saturday afternoon (7/16) I had my best NYC sighting yet, especially in lieu of this couple's recent break up rumors. While standing in line for the Hollywould shoe sale on Elizabeth St. just south of Prince, I looked up to see Zach Braff walking my way, holding a girl's hand. Upon closer inspection, I realized the girl was indeed Mandy Moore. They are both deliciously cute. She was wearing a various shades of grey, and he was bolding sporting an eggplant colored t-shirt, a grey hat, and some type of shorts. I'm obsessed with "Garden State" and Z.B.'s sensitive, sarcastic ways (I'm such a girl) so it was a treat to see him in real life. It also got all the ladies in line to stop checking out each other's various status totes/shoes and stare in collective silence as they walked past. I take it back— that might have been the best part.

Saw Anna Paquin on Saturday night at Hedeh Restaurant (on Great Jones Street and Bowery). She was in the middle of a 10 minute make-out session with Kieran Culkin.

While waiting outside of the movie theater in Union Square around 11:00pm Friday 7/15, saw Nicolas Cage, and very pregnant wife Alice Kim get out of a black stretch limo. With them, two young men (late teens?) dressed in pseudo punk/goth gear. Cage was wearing a ridiculous black cowboy hat and quite possibly cowboy boots to match. They proceeded to walk into the movie theater without any fan interference. He's very thin in person...definitely starting to look his age