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The Romenesko headline seemed so exciting: "Young NYT Staffers Told to Be Rebellious in Their Writing."

We pictured Campbell Robertson with a shiny pompadour and a Marlboro softpack rolled in the sleeve of his white t-shirt. We expected Nick Confessore to be sticking bananas in Clyde Haberman's tailpipe, showing the old man that there's a new generation in Metro. We awaited Jenny 8 slamming her fist on the Styles desk, demanding — demanding, damn it — that attention be paid to her latest earth-shaking expose, this time on the new trend of two-thirds stockings.

Then we clicked through to the Observer, where we realized the story was about a staff-development lunch — sushi, tandoori chicken, and, of course, cauliflower, that sweet nectar of rebellion — at which 16 young writers were encouraged to stand up for themselves.

You're tearing us apart!

Off the Record [NYO]