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· "The two of us have chosen to take different paths, but will continue to support each other in the spirit of the goodness and light that brought us together." Commenting about the sudden, possibly stripper-induced cancellation of his client's wedding, Lorenzo Lamas's agent waxes surprisingly poetic. (Eh, you know his assistant wrote it.) Still, it's hard not to view any Lamas-related misfortune as karmic payback for Are You Hot?
· Kathy Hilton says what all of America's been thinking: "This show fucking sucks."
· Sienna Miller's mom doesn't know if her daughter and nanny-zapping fiancée Jude Law will reconcile, but allows that if she had a nanny that spicy, she'd have "hit it" too.
· For the record, Mia Farrow doesn't think that Roman Polanski hit on that Swedish chick, either.