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Can't possibly wait for tonight to find out what happens on I Want to Be a Hilton? An anonymous (and, we know from experience, reliable) source was at the taping of the episode, and, Ellsbergianly, he violated his confidentiality agreement to bring this urgent update to Gawker readers:

I was at the episode of "I Want To Be A Hilton" that airs tonight (if it's not tonight, it's next week, but I'm pretty sure it's tonights). Well, during the taping last summer of the final "contest" scene (saying more would violate the confidentially agreement I signed and cause the hordes of Hilton-backed lawyers to kill me), Kathy was whispering to the person sitting next to her (one of the previously ousted contestants) that "This show fucking sucks." It seems the torture of sitting through hours of watching a really boring taping of her really boring show was getting to her as well. Then, unexpectedly, she broke into one of her seemingly trademark mood swings. Getting up, walking in front of the cameras and out the door, and then proceeding to scream at some hapless victim outside the room at the top of her lungs — while her mic was still live. This caused a frantic scramble from the sound people to "cut her mic!" They did, she came back in a few minutes later, sat down like nothing had happened, and proceeded to host her crapfest.

That's right, folks: Kathy Hilton is violently bipolar. And you heard it here first.

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