In the world of Manhattan real estate, you have to go big to make a splash. No longer will anyone be impressed by your meager $98 million apartment purchase. Nine-figure apartment prices are the new eight-figure apartment prices.

If you're in the market for a new crib, consider purchasing the penthouse at downtown NYC's iconic Woolworth building, currently being converted to condos, like every other four-walled space within the city limits of New York, New York. This penthouse apartment will cost $110 million. It's the highest price ever for a downtown apartment, but there have been a couple of Midtown units priced (not sold) at $115 million, so don't be so hasty writing off this penthouse as "too expensive." Keep a positive attitude, you know? Bloomberg reports:

The $110 million penthouse is about 8,975 square feet with a 584-square-foot terrace. The four-bedroom condo with a private elevator spans nine stories, with the primary living space on the 50th and 51st floors, according to the offering plan. A great room and wine cellar make up the 53rd floor, and the 55th through 58th levels in the cupola include a library or media room and an observation deck at the top, the plan shows.

Less than $13 million per floor. Not bad! If you can't afford it, get a roommate.

[Photo: Flickr]