Lots of music was recorded and released in 2013. More music than anyone—even you, cool internet guy, who loudly commandeers the iPod at parties and impatiently explains to strangers why they music they like is garbage—could possibly listen to. Here's the stuff you missed.

Below, as we've done in the past, we've collected 11 great songs from 2013 that were overlooked, under-publicized, mishandled, un-released—or, for whatever other reason, never reached your ears. What other songs did you love this year that didn't blow up the way they should've? Leave your nominations below.

"Cruel," Germans

Listen to while: starring in a soft-focus montage about lost love
Accompany with: white wine, retro animation effects

"Pt. 2," Recycle Culture

Listen to while: in transit
Accompany with: night, rain-streaked windows, a diminishing high, Tuesday blues

"Wanna Party," Future Brown Feat. Tink

Listen to while: talking loudly about people who are only a few feet away from you, spilling your drink on people who are only a few feet away from you, letting your friends escort you out of the party
Accompany with: Patron, an attitude

"Gustavo," Mark Kozelek & Jimme LaValle

Listen to while: sitting on the porch, reminiscing
Accompany with: domestic beer, cheap whiskey, a sense of gathering existential dark

"Fleet," The Guys

Listen to while: bopping
Accompany with: bop moves

"Diamond," Lightning Dust

Listen to while: drinking alone at a bar with a large, empty dance floor
Accompany with: whatever is the cheapest available shot-and-beer combo

"Catch Me at the Light," Shanell

Listen to while: driving to the club, driving home from the club, driving in directions unrelated to the club
Accompany with: a willingness to talk to strangers out your car window, patience with your drunk friends in the back

"Bibi Yangu," Bamboo

Listen to while: throwing a barbecue, throwing block party, throwing really any kind of party where you can get 30 people outside eating good food before the sun even sets
Accompany with: a spliff, a smile, a general sense of goodwill

"Coming Home (Psychemagik Remix)," Dharma Protocol Feat. Boy George

Listen to while: peaking
Accompany with: the kind of dancing where you furrow your brow and close your eyes and sing along

"Cali Luv" by Snow Tha Product

Listen to while: showing up at a house party, but, like, in a way where the whole party is like, Who is SHE?!—probably you parked your car on the front lawn or something—and the whole party kind of parts around you as you walk in
Accompany with: shots

"Recipe," Brown Eyed Girls

Listen to while: dancing while the camera circles around you
Accompany with: champagne, a light-up dance floor