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We tell ya, they'll blog about anything. Just launched: New York's Sixth, a real estate site devoted to Jersey City and Hoboken. This, of course, only makes sense; it's not like anyone is doing any Staten Island real estate blogs. (We'll resist making a mobile home joke here, thank you.) The most recent post describes a recent building in Jersey City set aside for artists; shockingly, they're having trouble filling it.

We wonder if prices keep going up, you'll see a South Jersey real estate blog, detailing the bidding wars for Outback Steakhouse franchises. Still: We're very happy this site exists. Deep down, in those places we don't talk about at parties, we want them on that river, we need them on that river.—WL

A Blog Across The River [New York's Sixth]

(Update: Well look. A South Jersey real estate blog. Of COURSE.)