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Tonight, two networks (OK, one half-network and one rotting Nielsen carcass) will "make history" and broadcast the first condom ads in primetime:

The WB network has agreed to air Trojan commercials after 9 p.m., starting with a 30-second spot during "Smallville." NBC has also approved a Trojan commercial, and Trojan was negotiating on Tuesday to place a commercial in the network's 10 p.m. hour tonight.

We've already seen how the happy fun-time folks at the Parents Television Council reacted to Paris Hilton's harmless, burger-fellating, garden-hose-crotch-flossing Carl's Jr. ad; they're going to shit a collective cinderblock over primetime condom spots, claiming that the networks are on a slippery slope to running hourlong informercials following King of Queens for Bareback Q. Sodomite's Ass-Slammin' AstroLube. Which, of course, will immediately be adapted into an hourlong dramedy on Showtime.