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Yes, the upfronts are over, the network schedules all announced, the advertisers' spilled seeds finally wiped away from the hungry mouths of the television executives eager to service them. By the time Fox got around to doing their little dance yesterday afternoon, it seems that everyone was burned out from the nonstop whore-and-pony show and ready to go home. An operative reports on the Fox presentation:

Highlights included a ridiculous Star Wars take off, with the 'Fox Sales Force', taking on "Darth Moonves", a skit of P-Lig (as I call Peter Liguori) in his first day on the job, which includes such hilarious antics as borrowing Peter Gallagher's eyebrows (it was kinda funny, I shamefully admit), and capped with with an awkward kiss between Peter Liguori and Pam Anderson while P-Liq's wife looked on in...well, acceptance I suppose. My highlight was Peter Liguori clapping by himself during all of the shows which got absolutely zero response from the crowd of less-than-enthused burned out ad execs who were just itching to get to the open bar awaiting them.

And because we must (we must!): Feeling the need to stoke the flagging enthusiasm of the exhausted media buyers, Liguori then played a video of he and Les Moonves gluing a pair of comically-oversized Gallagher eyebrows on the freshly-shaven hindquarters of a Jeff Zucker stand-in, loosening their belts, and...well, you're going to have to imagine what happened next. Let's just say that the part where Liguori and Moonves high-fived after the simultaneous completion of a certain act could be considered overkill, but the applause from the newly-energized crowd was thunderous.