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Because it's Friday afternoon and the margarita machine automatically grinds to life at noon, here's a fun game: Spot the fake show among the real offerings from NBC's summer lineup!

The Law Firm: "Real lawyers. Real cases. Real consequences. Executive producer David E. Kelley (The Practice, Ally McBeal) brings a real legal drama to television. Trial attorney and legal analyst Roy Black will manage 12 actual lawyers competing against each other while trying real court cases with judges and juries, resulting in outcomes that will be final, legal and binding."

I Want To Be A Hilton: "Everyone's heard of the Hiltons, especially socialites Paris and Nicky, but what would it take to actually live like them? Kathy Hilton (mom to Paris and Nicky) hosts this engaging and humorous series that follows 14 eccentric young contestants as they vie for the opportunity to live the glamorous lifestyle of high society."

Hit Me Baby One More Time: "You loved them "then", but will you love them now? Hitmakers from the past take the stage in a new competition in which you're the judge! Former Top Ten artists return to perform their trademark hit song along with one of today's current hits. The audience decides which "veteran hit maker" deserves a second chance in the limelight!"

Tommy Lee Goes To College: "Rock star Tommy Lee from "Mötley Crüe" at last finds time for college after living the fast life for two decades. Tommy's former loves include Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson, but will he rock the college coeds? Lee enrolls at The University of Nebraska at Lincoln and struggles just like any other (famous rock star) student to balance academics with extra-curricular pursuits, his new roommate Matt and a distractingly attractive tutor named Natalie."

Turn your monitor upside down to reveal the fake show:

Tommy Lee Goes To College! Sometime during the Girls, Girls, Girls tour, the wildman drummer injected heroin directly into his brain while engaged in unprotected sex with five groupies, rendering him unable to learn anything after 1987 and the idea of him returning to college patently ridiculous.