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By now, you've probably heard that former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer had a little gravitational mishap at Disneyland the other way, and we teased late yesterday that video of the fall exists on the internets. A generous reader just passed along a working link to footage of the stage-dive. Enjoy, and also peruse this account of the event that we were waiting to post once we had the accompany visual material, because we at Defamer are committed to making your multimedia experience of a famous person falling as satisfying as possible:

My coworker and I went to the Disneyland 50th anniversary celebration [Tuesday]. So there was a big press conference before the events began at Cali Adventure last night in one of their ginormous theaters. The park president came out with a speech, then some video montages of the last 50 years. Then it got dark and then Kelsey Grammer came out. Anyway, you know how he talks, very low, theater trained voice. Freaking Frasier Crane. He was about 5 minutes into his speech (about his first ride at Disneyland or something) when all of a sudden, his foot fell off the stage. Now the stage is flat, but the edge is this zig-zag type effect and so he didn't notice that, and one foot fell in and he fell FLAT ON HIS FACE!!!

I think everyone thought it was part of the act at first, like he tripped when he was a kid, but then he said "OH SHIT!" Cameras (international press included) just went off and it was the most uncomfortable, awkward silence EVER.