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Our favorite CNN dreamboat, Anderson Cooper, gave quite an appearance on Conan last night. Not only did he confess his affection for a Latino fortune-teller who resembles a "botoxed Liberace," but he also admitted to his girly addiction:

Anderson launches into a tirade about the only other show he watches... MY SUPER SWEET 16 on MTV. Apparently, he's seen every episode. He adamantly states at least 3 or 4 times "Those people should be shot." And he's not far off. He then went on to impersonate some 16 year old girls, and let's just say he was very. convincing. Nevertheless, can't you just picture Anderson, all curled up with his chinchilla Prada throw, wearing mandals, capris, a wifebeater, drinking a Bawls, watching My Super Sweet 16...

Oh, poor Andy. He's so far out of the closet, not even CNN's most iron-fisted publicists will be able to shove him back in.

Anderson Cooper: Gay Or Flaming? [You Can't Make It Up]