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Moments ago, Gawker HQ back in NY received a call from The Firm, trying to make sure a delivery was completed. A messenger then arrived with some flowers and the above note allegedly sent by Fred Durst (whom you may remember, from reports as recently as an hour ago, is suing Gawker Media). We just placed a call to The Firm to find out if this was really from him or the funniest prank we'd ever seen, and they confirmed that the note is legit. Looks like Denton gets to keep his $80 million. (Not that we'll see any of it.)

Wow, Fred, we don't know what to say. We're sure that a handheld camera really subtracts a lot of girth from certain parts?

We can't smell the flowers (hey, he listens!) from way over here on the wrong coast, but we're sure they're lovely.