Another week, another New York Times story that would be perfect for a Hollywood adaptation: To the Ramparts, Hipsters, and Hold the Latte, from this weekend's 'City' section.

It's all about formerly apolitical hipsters in Williamsburg fighting the construction of a monstrous waterfront development the only way they know how: with parties, websites, and generally making the cause a lot, you know, cooler. As one of them puts it:

"Siri and I have been partying in this neighborhood for a long time," Ms. Sibley said one afternoon recently as she tapped the ash from her cigarette. "We know our friends care about the community, but they didn't know this was going on."

We see something like Smithereens with elements of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. (Mr. Smithereens Goes to Washington?)

We joke, but the stakes in this fight are actually pretty serious, as The Times reminds us:

For anyone needing more convincing, the women pull up illustrated renderings of the waterfront proposal on the city's Web site. "Look," Ms. Wilson said, pointing aghast at one computer animated figure. "Dockers!"

Call it Memories of Underdevelopment! Damn, that's taken.

To the Ramparts, Hipsters, and Hold the Latte [NYT]

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