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· Liquid Generation fills up Paris Hilton's Sidekick better than she could ever hope to. Peruse Hilton's address book, watch her bi-curious phonecam videos, and IM her celeb buddy list. If only this kind of ingenuity could be put to some more noble purpose, like inventing a Flash game that erases all memory of Fred Durst screwing.
· The prophetic Fred Durst, blogging back in November: "well people, hackers, gotta love them and gotta despise them. it's the territory where we are all put in a position to be victims. kind of fun and dangerous at the same time. so don't be so gullible." Gullible, like believing that the clear, huge sex video was somehow stored in a Sidekick, which, incidentally, has no video camera?
· David Cross is keeping busy while Arrested Development dangles by the thinnest of threads. [via goldenfiddle]
· CZJ's stalker: the "no contest" kind of crazy.