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Another day, another (yawn) scandal. Conveniently timed just after Paris Hilton
s HackGate, some fool has taken it upon himself to "leak" a sex tape starring the one person you
d never want to see in a sex tape, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. The blogosphere is labeling this as fallout from the massive T-Mobile hack, but we
re not quite sure if this is the sort of moment that can be captured on a Sidekick.

That being said, our inner porn critic would have to say that this video is completely and utterly disheartening — watching over two minutes of Fred Durst
s unimpressive penis does little for our already fragile psyches. If you
re feeling masochistic, hate life, and have given up on God, you
re welcome to watch for yourself.

Fred Durst On Film [extremely NSFW, but now spyware/virus free]

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