James Wolcott has some funny things to say about Jeff Gannon/James Guckert on Anderson Cooper—and, no, that is not more anchorman slash fiction.

As Wolcott writes:

Gannon came across as—how to put this euphemistically?—not-quite-bright as he stalled before answering each question like an unprepared student trying to bluff his way through an exam. (His bald head may resemble a lightbulb, but there's faint illumination within.) Even more hilarious was what a transparently bad dissembler he is. Jeff Gannon is like a buffer version of Jon Lovitz's "Liar," cloaking himself in implausible deniability to buy time until the referee rings the bell.

God, when will the made-for-cable (Logo?) movie version of this story air already? We can't wait anymore!

Eyes Across a Crowded Room [James Wolcott]