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· Maybe we need to redirect our ire: while Brad Pitt was likely smitten with Angelina Jolie, he allegedly made some moves on model April Florio. (Florio claims she rebuffed him but, like, is any woman capable of such strength?) At this point, we're just looking for someone to clearly blame for this mess. [R&M]
· Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore take their uncomfortable romance on a Mexican vacation; paparazzi follow in hopes of a shotgun wedding. [Page Six]
· Foxy Brown calls Lowdown to clear up the allegation that P. Diddy dissed her after the Zac Posen show. Do you think Lloyd took the call himself, or did he pass the buck to houseboy staffer Hud Morgan? [Lowdown]
· Jessica Simpson heads to court over a contract dispute regarding a fitness video she was scheduled to make; more importantly, Scoop writer Jeanette Walls toes the line by calling Simpson "faux-ditzy." [Scoop]